Janet Gough – The Acorn



I paint large abstract sheets of energised pure colour. I then cut out birds, fish, fruit and leaves, which I see in the random brush strokes. In the past I’ve used string, silver leaf, beads, sweet wrappers or whatever the work has asked me for. All these elements become interwoven and through personal interpretation a narrative emerges.

Dimensions 100 × 100 cm

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Janet Gough: “Sometimes my paintings are collages of moments where I play with real representative collage. I preserve a memory (watercolour on tissue paper) responding with this media to the fragile nature of the subject, which I seal with layers of varnish into a still life.

“If I’m listening to music the lyrics sometimes link subconsciously into pieces of my work. Eventually they become entangled in the paint on the canvas.

“I try to find beauty in the small everyday moments of life, and share it through my paintings. On the days that I get lost, I go back to Matisse, Picasso. I also read Hockney, whose personal perspective lifts my spirits and always makes me seek to find ‘pink through blue’

Janet’s paintings are also for sale in our London gallery.