Yulia Muravyeva

Yulia was born in Russia and is now living in Amsterdam. From an early age she showed a talent for drawing and painting. Yulia studied at the university as a classical art teacher. In 2000 she started the restoration and painting of icons.
She then progressed to making murals and paintings. Gradually these became more removed from classical art and developed much more of a contemporary feel. Her work now encompasses a bright vivid palette of colours in her wonderful flower paintings. They are built up in layers of thick acrylic paint to give a richness of texture. Yulia feels strongly that her paintings imbue a positive feeling in the viewer.

Yulia’s paintings have been exhibited in a number of galleries in Europe and very successfully at several art fairs.

September 2013: Berlin Art Week
October 2013: Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
November 2013: Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam
February 2014: Affordable Art Fair, Brussel
March 2014: Affordable Art Fair, Milan
April 2014: Affordable Art Fair, Maastricht
Jul- Aug 2015: ART-Gallery.be Knokke
September 2015: ART-Gallery.be Hulst
October 2016: Affordable Art Fair, Battersea (Bell Fine Art)