Richard Burel

Richard Burel was born in 1974 in Normandy, France. Before coming to live in the UK he travelled extensively around Asia and South America, an experience which he feels has greatly shaped his approach to painting.

Richard, who is entirely self-taught, has been particularly inspired by the different textures and colours of the stonework around the South West, from the warm tones of the Bath sandstone to the cooler more rugged granite of the Cornish coast.

Richard paints using a palette knife and mainly acrylic paint but also pastel, inks, and collage to gain the spontaneity as well as the vivid colours and textures so characteristic of his work.

Richard approaches a painting by initially gaining a strong feel for a place and will then work mainly from memory in order to create a piece of work that is truly imaginative and that captures the essence of that place. The figures and little details help to bring the scenes to life, often telling a story or adding a humorous angle.

Richard has exhibited on a number of occasions at Bath’s Victoria Gallery, on one occasion winning the ‘Public Prize’ and has been selected to exhibit at the Royal Society of Artists’ exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London as well as the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists’ show where one of his pieces also won an award.