Marc Mitchard

Born in 1972, Marc has always considered art a constant in his life. As a child he would spend time sketching with his parents always on hand to offer advice and guidance as his interests developed. Later this artistic talent was built upon further at school where he was inspired to paint by his excellent art teachers.

Over time he experimented with different mediums and decided Acrylics were best suited to the type of work he aspired to create. After leaving school, painting continued as a hobby with Marc producing work as gifts for family and friends. Years later, as a result of the success of this artwork he was encouraged by his wife and friends to approach a local Gallery and was fortunate enough to have his work accepted immediately.

A series of limited edition print runs and cards followed, published by Victoria Armstrong Fine Art Ltd and produced from original dog portraits and commissioned pieces undertaken with the Gallery. In addition to commissioned portraits Marc also produced original wild bird paintings and in 2014 he decided to concentrate his efforts mainly in this area. He now creates original pieces for gallery exhibition whilst working fulltime as a Cartographer.

Marc has always been fascinated by the combination of detail, texture, form and light in his subjects. He looks for these elements while planning new compositions and strives to represent them faithfully in his work. Aside from his school years Marc is a self-taught artist and has developed a selection of techniques which have allowed his work to evolve over time. This has resulted in a style that he feels best suits the subjects he chooses to study today. Marc currently lives in Hampshire with his wife and works from his studio at home.