Leila Godden


Leila Godden UA is a member of the United Society of Artists, one of London’s established societies and Chairman of Chalk Gallery, Lewes.

The paintings evolve through a process of improvisation where artist interacts with materials, leading and following as marks are made and layers unveiled. The call for me to be present to inflections and nuances that emerge through the act of patient observation and contemplation, creates an “inscape”. This embodies the idea that the inner world and the outer world meet in the consciousness of an individual, and into this space a person will project their own uniqueness. The painting becomes a threshold in a dialogue between inner and outer. Beyond words, but sensed and understood. Leila prefers a water based medium, which also has substance and sculptural qualities when required. Acrylic paint is her medium of choice, which responds well to textures, working in layers, burnishing, or flowing freely as water is applied in various ways, allowing the pigments to interact.