Southern Cross Amulet


A necklace made with a signed Tuareg  silver Southern Cross amulet found in Essaouira, Morocco. Tuareg metal beads, Lapiz Lazuli, recycled glass beads and glass beads from India and the Czech Republic.

Rita Seres is passionate about colour and how tones can enhance one another, creating an eclectic piece that is a one off, and unique. This is important for her, that there is only once piece, so each time she creates, there is a sense of wonderment, inspiration and pure creativity.

Beads have been given and worn for centuries as a symbol of healing and protection. Each necklace is individually designed with eclectic beads gathered on her travels far and wide. Many are unique or handmade, and some were originally traded in Africa for the desirable commodities of the day. Some of the places she has visited to collect these beautiful beads: Morocco, Czech Republic, India, Ghana, Java, Turkey and Afghanistan.

Dimensions 52 cm

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