Roy Woodard – Tracy with Painted Toe Nails


Roy studied graphic design at the London College of Printing and initially worked as a book illustrator specialising in diagrams and detailed illustrations for educational books.

In 1980, he made the break from graphics and became a freelance painter when he started producing paintings and prints for London Contemporary Art soon becoming one of the top selling artists in America and Japan with solo exhibitions in major cities including New York, Washington and Tokyo.

In his fifties, Roy stopped painting and he and his wife Manny put their savings into rental properties. What started as a five-year plan to safeguard the family future turned into fifteen years of building work and maintenance.

Roy is finally getting back to what makes him happy: painting and he is enjoying seeing where his work takes him.

Dimensions 59 × 84 cm


Roy Fairchild-Woodard was born in 1953 in Surrey, England. Fairchild left school at sixteen to train as a technical illustrator. Graphic design was his main degree qualification. He found technical drawing interesting because it is so exact-you can’t argue with it. In this way, his first exposure was to an art that was highly disciplined, and this has proved invaluable throughout his career. His first employment was in advertising, producing photo realistic airbrush illustrations. He then went on to work for the Sackville Press, publishers and producers of educational books and diagrams. Fairchild was involved in producing technical illustrations, again highly disciplined and working to deadlines.