Bill Bate has always been inspired by the human figure and the effect that light has upon it.

He has utilised a number of ways to portray the body. These include dance, swimming and boxing.

It is in the body itself though that he has the most interest. The physicality of the human form and the beauty of the athletic figure are therefore the main inspiration for his paintings.

Bill starts each work with a good idea of what he wishes to convey. In some pieces though, the original idea can evolve into something new. At times, he leaves initial sketches and drawing exposed, as these reveal the inspiration and energy behind the work.

By using combinations of light quality and shadow with rich, contrasting colour, Bill appeals to the emotional senses of the viewer. In addition to representing a level of realism, he also feels more comfortable working with more abstract methods and the freedom that this brings.

Bill uses life drawing and other images of the human form in order to provide further inspiration for his figure painting.

As part of his studies he has researched a number of artists, which have been an influence to him.

These include Klimt, Bacon, Schiele, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio and Waterhouse.

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122 × 92 cm