The East Prospect of Winchester 1736


Samuel Buck (1696–1779) and his brother Nathaniel (active 1724–59) published two major series of engraved views of England and Wales: 81 prospects of towns (1728–53) and views of over 400 antiquities – ruined castles, abbeys and the like (1726–42). These constitute the most significant print series produced in Britain in the first half of the 18th century. Taken as a whole, the engravings represent the nation’s improving present condition along with the relics of its past. This view of Winchester was engraved in 1736. Like most examples this has been hand-coloured in watercolour at a later date. The condition overall is very good with one small area of rubbed paper seen in one of the details and not surprising in an engraving nigh on 300 years old.

Dimensions 33 × 83 cm

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