Lorna Kirin – Quiet River


Dimensions 30 × 30 cm


“I always strive to convey that moment when I see an amazing view for the first time and for that I have to have experienced it myself. To be able to observe the subtle changes in nature, weather and light with each week and season, brings a real privilege. Colour has always been central to my work and invariably is the initial inspiration for a new project. It is what really moves me. Whether it be the fantastic array of hues in tree bark, a thunderous Prussian blue sky or the sumptuous crimson of an amaryllis.

I love playing with contrasts and like to push pigments to evoke a real sense of emotion and to make the subject resonate. The thrill of applying paint to a surface is just so exciting. With bold washes and thick textured brush marks I love to explore the possibilities that can be achieved with each media, evoking a real sense of immediacy and excitement.

I cover the surface with paint quickly to get a sense of colour and tone, and work the whole painting at once. I also use a lot of water, deliberately. This is to wash out areas of semi-dry watercolour or to cause the break-up of pastel pigment. This gives often surprising and always intriguing results. I love the journey each painting takes me on – it’s definitely a two way process!

Now living in Suffolk, Lorna has exhibited widely in London, Surrey and Sussex. She also has work in private collections all over the world.

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