I’m fascinated by the process of creating detailed, representational paintings.

I paint in Acrylic on smooth gesso panels, and my current style and methods are self-taught. My focus is wildlife, specifically the study of birds. I’m a member of the RSPB and The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

I’m very inspired by photography and cinematography and the range of images these disciplines can create. A shallow depth of field, for example, rendering some textures of a painting soft and out of focus, when contrasted with the more detailed elements of a composition. I use these principles to help me plan and create depth and balance in a new painting.

Each painting takes many hours to complete, from initial concept, to the finished piece. My motivation is quite simple, I want the finished work to look and feel as real and authentic as possible. For me it’s about trying to bring the image to life and create an honest representation of the subject, as I see and interpret it, before it leaves my easel.

I have always enjoyed and appreciated viewing many different painting styles, it’s what I love about art, the variety is amazing. An artist’s style is of course unique, and theirs to own, this one is mine and I hope you enjoy the experience as a viewer, as much as I enjoy the process as an artist.

Dimensions 20 × 30.5 cm

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