Enjoying the Breezy Day Together



Helen Martino describes her work as ‘serious, posh and frivolous’. For many years she was a functional potter, making batches of domestic pots on a wheel.

Helen’s work changed about ten years ago when it seemed to her that it was about the right time to have some non-functional fun!

She started to use a hand building technique, with soft and flexible sheets of high firing clay.

These are freely cut, curved and sometimes twisted. The surfaces are painted with slips, underglaze pigments using brushes and paper and wax resists. Sometimes she will add silver, gold or copper leaf and lustre.

Helen is currently exploring combinations of ceramic form; colour and text with words integrated into the decoration and often distorted beyond immediate recognition. This presents exciting opportunities for her to investigate surfaces.

She also make more frivolous pots as a series. These include flattened harlequin bowls, teapots, bird jugs and flat cups and saucers.

Dimensions 32 × 10 × 11 cm

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