Claire Wiltsher – Cloud Watching


Dimensions 60 × 60 cm

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Claire Wiltsher was born in Wales. She studied at Lancashire University as a mature student (1986-89). In 1988, she was a finalist in the Reader’s Digest young illustrators competition, and had already secured exhibitions before finishing her degree.
Her oil and mixed media canvases combine layers of paint with fragments of collage. She scratches through sections of the painting to allow colours from underneath to emerge. “I want to create evocative paintings of land and sea that show a sense of place; different weather conditions are key elements”. Claire uses brushes and different size palette knives to build up layers and create depth. Paint is also flicked or carefully thrown on selected areas, evidence of this can be found all over her studio floor.

The majority of Claire’s canvases are square which she feels is important in creating a balance and harmony in her paintings. The work has ambiguous elements; however the work shows strong structural compositions. She feels that “total recognition inhibits the imagination” The outdoors, walking and travelling are the main inspirations for Claire’s work.