Ania Pieniazek – Red Roses


Dimensions 50 × 60 cm


Born in Katowice, in Poland, Ania displayed a talent for art in early childhood. She started attending additional art classes from the age of 10 and has been tutored by well established Polish artists including Halina Schiwujowa and Boguslawa Bortnik-Morajda. She studied at Silesia University in Cieszyn, Poland, and obtained her art diploma in 2003 in the studio of Tadeusz Rus.

Although Ania found the time spent at the university a great influence, she prefers to call herself a self-taught painter. In her words: ‘ I don’t really believe in art degrees. What makes me an artist is a passion for art, an inner compulsion to be creative and many years of practice’. Her first oil paints were given to Ania by her father on her 13th birthday and she has been painting in oil for 30 years now.

Since she moved to London in 2005 her work has been exhibited in numerous individual and joint exhibitions in the UK.

Ania works mainly on canvas in oil or acrylic, and likes to experiment with colours and shapes often creating the pictures from her imagination.