A Letter from Antonio Canova


A Letter from Antonio Canova is a large and complex figurative sculpture by Pierre Williams who was born in 1962. He completed his foundation at Hereford College of Art and Design in 1998; where he was awarded the Brian Hatton Award. He then went on to study ceramics at the University of Wales in Cardiff (UWIC)

Pierre’s work is a contemporary reworking of traditional sculptural art, which includes the human figure, skulls and horses combined with architectural forms or thrown vessels. He also works in themed series within the main framework of what he produces, which may be inspired by his life experiences, social and cultural trends or a single painting he has viewed. They are decorated in iconic ceramic styles associated with all the antique collections in museums the artist has viewed over the years, with a modern twist.

‘The figures have been developed by looking back in time to classical sculpture and the work of Rodin as well as the contemporary work of Anthony Gormley. The environments Gormley sets his figures in have been a catalyst for the juxtaposed figure to the architectural form. I like to play with how the human body may interact with different forms in every day poses or performing contemporary functions. The complex surface decoration which may require up to five firings has been developing over the last five years, by looking at contemporary painters, ceramic and textile surface patterns.’ 

Dimensions 54 × 29 × 20 cm

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