Simon Ledson

Simon Ledson is a surfer, artist and graphic designer whose work is an experiment that investigates the way the rhythm of the ocean connects with the artist’s body and charts the impact of that connection. For Simon, the ocean operates as the metaphorical enactment of the way in which the physical body impacts upon, and is impacted by the physical world. His work deals with ideas surrounding perception and distortion of vision regarding the constants such as space and time. He is fascinated by the flow of time and the way that time is calibrated and counted both personally and historically. Simon lives and works in Somerset.

Time/Tide Scapes: This body of work is experimenting with visualising data, information within surf culture. By focusing on the connections that make information playful, facts and ideas that interconnected visually. An
observational study on the understanding of form, light, space, these are the elements that influence my Time/Tide Scapes.
This work is a series of experiments working with data exploring information time, change and direction, finding a way of logging their actions. I find these are some of my inspirations. I’m interested in our understanding of what we are looking at and question both the thing itself and the image of the thing.
Vision can be the result of some form of unconscious reference, a matter of
making assumptions and drawing conclusions based on previous experiences.
These works are an ongoing enquiry into the relationship of what I see, a mere reflection of light on a surface. It’s not so much the location it’s more the time and data capturing the correct atmosphere.