Warbarrow Tout

Warbarrow Tout


Supplied close-framed and glazed in a simple deep lime washed moulding.

My Current Practice

I’ve had a diverse career so far but the move to the Jurassic Coast has highlighted my passion for rock formations and what happens between the land and the sea. We walk the verdant countryside hardly suspecting the geology beneath us but all is revealed in the cliffs – both natural forces and man have had an effect – and life either clings on or finds a congenial setting in the form of glasses and other plants.

The Jurassic coast is a wonderful example of 95 miles of varied formations covering 185 million years of varied climatic and tectonic conditions. I am also investigating the North Devon coast. The shapes and colours are of wonderful but I am interested as well in what is going on in the various sites….and how forms of the rocks is explained by all these.

So I now concentrate on painting the cliff line with occasional diversions off to the mathematics of Palm Trees – contrasted with the qualities of paint – and rock formations in Utah and Arizona, and the Dorset countryside landscapes.

Digital art remains a big interest – there is so much you can do with this medium…….

I use watercolour and gouache as I find the textures I can achieve with them the most satisfying – either transparent or opaque – and wonderful Kahdi cotton rag paper – working with water has all sorts of advantages.

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44 × 69 cm