abstract painting by Brian Neish
abstract painting by Brian Neish Threshold.-detail

Brian Neish, Threshold


Brian Neish is fascinated by painted surfaces, particularly surfaces having to endure the extremes of sunlight, wind, frost and rain. He calls the appearance of these debilitating effects ‘Noble Decay’ to suggest a sense of them displaying increasingly unique visual qualities over extended periods of time. He never scrapes paint off, it’s all about the considered application of paint, one layer at a time Each series of treatments, conducted over many months, reveals surprising and unexpected moments.

Brian’s love of decay and the transience of buildings, especially the painterly surfaces of doors and walls, is clearly apparent. His layering of paint creates its own organic life, where past surfaces are seen though present surfaces. There is space and an open quality where the viewer can develop a relationship with the paintings.

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120 × 120 cm