Hope (After George Frederick Watts)


This collaborative painting is inspired by the painting “Hope” by George Frederick Watts (1817–1904) in the Tate Britain collection. This painting is for sale with ALL proceeds to be donated to the United Nations Relief Fund.

102 × 76 cm


Lorna and Stephen have found that to work in collaboration has been the most natural thing in the world for them. Each piece surprises and fuels their passion.

Whilst drawing on individual strengths, they respond to each other’s marks and concepts. There is no room for preciousness nor ego in their methods. They find it important to preserve trust and absolute equality, as they pass each piece between themselves.

Through this, they have discovered an added shape to all their contexts, including their personal work.

Lorna and Stephen find that their collaborative working methods, though suffused with individual elements, are never about the individual.

Their work has evolved rapidly and is still changing. They explore historical themes as they respond to their place in a timeline. Inspiration is drawn from the grand traditions of art, mythology, alchemy and so on.

They seek collective input at all stages to take them beyond themselves.