Michelle Hall

Growing up in Somerset with an artistic family background, I soon developed my own artistic identity shaped by my love of animals and the countryside.

My work begins through a process of photography, drawing from life and making experimental moquettes. I construct my original sculptures using traditional materials such as clay, wax, plaster and often incorporate found objects. A mould is made from my original and my finished pieces are made from ceramics, bronze and bronze resin.

Through my sculptural practice I seek to celebrate natural forms, capturing the vitality, essence and presence of the creatures I depict; a tangible glimpse of the natural world.

I hope to covey the importance of the relationship between animals, humans and the environment.
I previously worked in a bronze casting foundry, where I developed a range of sculptures. Recently I have focused on producing a body of work in ceramics, which I cast and fire myself. I am also concentrating on creating some larger scale sculptures in bronze resin.